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  • Bachelor of Arts
  • LL.M. - Human Rights
  • Ph. D. in Law (Topic - Critical Study on Social-Legal Perspective of Laws relating to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence)
  • Diploma in Cyber Law
  • Diploma in Corporate Law
  • Certified Counsellor by NIESBUD
  • Certified Medico Legal Consultant (Trainer & Consultant) by NIESBUD
Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar
Lawyer for High Court in Mumbai
KARMARKAR & ASSOCIATES is a Proprietorship Firm run by Adv. Dr. Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar & team of Associate Lawyers. Prop. Adv. Dr. Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar has pursued his Maters in Law (Human Rights) and also obtained Ph. D. in Law, topic being A Critical Study on Social-Legal Perspective of Laws Relating to Protection of Women from Domestic Violence.
Advocate. Dr. Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar has pursued Diploma in Cyber Laws and Diploma in Corporate Laws from Asian School of Cyber Laws. Adv. Dr. Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar is certified to act as ‘Counsellor’ by NIESBUD, Govt. of India. Adv. Dr. Samarth Shrikant Karmarkar is certified to act as ‘Medico Legal Trainer (Trainer and Consultant)’ by NIESBUD, Govt. of India.
The Firm comprises team of talented, hard working, trustworthy, sincere and efficient Lawyers, being excelled in the field of litigation.
Cheque Bounce Lawyers in Thane and Mumbai
In this busy life, it is very difficult to find good cheque bounce lawyers in Thane and Mumbai to handle the cheque bounce cases. If you are searching one, you can directly contact Karmarkar & Associates where we provide a simple and hustle free solution with a guarantee of success. We have an expert team of experienced lawyers for cheque bounce cases in Thane and Mumbai who can guide you about the correct action to take at the right stage before it’s too late. Karmarkar & Associates connects you with the best lawyers to deal with a false cheque bounce case.
What is the procedure of a Cheque Bounce case?
● When a cheque is bounced, a notice is sent to the opposite party within 30 days from the date of the memo accompanying the bounced cheque is received from the Bank.
● The notice by the holder of the cheque should claim the amount for which the cheque has been bounced, providing 15 days to settle the matter.
● The opposite party has 15 days from the receipt of the notice to settle the matter and no cause of action arises till the expiry of these 15 days or if paid within this specified period.
● After the completion of said 15 days, if the opposite party does not settle the matter or ignores the notice, then the holder of the cheque can file a criminal case before the appropriate court within 30 days of the expiry of said 15 days.
● If it is beyond 30 days period, the delay can be ignored by the court on sufficient cause being shown.
The cheque dishonor comes under Section 138 Negotiable Instruments Act, which is not a criminal offense but can lead to criminals. In the case of cheque bounce, you would need a banking lawyer to issue the legal notice to the opposite party.
If you have a Cheque issued by a debtor that has bounced or has been dishonored, or someone has issued a cheque bounce notice against you, or you have received a court summons for a Negotiable Instruments Act complaint against you, you can contact Karmarkar & Associates to find the top-rated cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai for your needs.
Reasons for Dishonor of a Cheque:
● A cheque can be bounced due to insufficient funds.
● Non-Applicability of Funds can lead to the dishonor of cheque.
● An irregular Signature of the issuer may cause the cheque to bounce .
● Any alterations in the Cheque done by the issuer can make the cheque to bounce.
● Post-dated Cheque with a date more than the validity period.
● Stale Cheque also gets dishonored.
● Frozen Account and Closed Account are also the reasons for cheque bounce.
● When payment is stopped by the bank or the issuer.
What is the duty of a lawyer in the Cheque bounce case?
● The cheque bounce lawyer collects all the evidence in verbal or in written (affidavit) which is required to file a case and supporting your claim to the court.
● When all the evidence is ready, the cheque bounce lawyer presents all the relevant documents including original dishonored cheque, original cheque return memo, payee’s id, and address proof, address of drawer, copy of the legal notice sent to the drawer, copy of the reply of legal notice to the court.
● The lawyer accompanies the payee to the court, on the date of filing and signs all the documents, affidavit and applications.
● The cheque bounce lawyer verifies and attests then proceed with the file case with all necessary documents and affidavit.
How can a lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates help you in a cheque bounce case?
Considering the law and the numerous provisions stipulated under it, a cheque bounce case in all probability can attract criminal charges against the drawer. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to hire an expert cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai for the following purpose-
● The cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai drafts a legal notice on the client’s behalf.
● and also by Drafts an appropriate reply to the legal notice / complaint to defend an accused.
● Hiring an expert lawyer from us can ensure that the person involved is on the correct path towards getting justice whether the person is the drawer of the cheque or is the drawee of the same.
● The cheque bounce lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates accumulates the relevant information for his client in relation to the cheque bounce case.
● Manages all the paperwork that allows enough time to focus on the business and other considerations.
● Additionally, an expert cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai guides the client towards the right path before initiating a lawsuit with significant advice on how to tackle cheque bounce cases owing to years of experience in administering similar cases in the past.
Benefits of hiring lawyers from Karmarkar & Associates for cheque bounce cases.
It’s not really a difficult task to find the best and affordable cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai. Our firm Karmarkar & Associates is always ready for your help and support. We provide the best lawyers as mentioned below.
● Our cheque bounce lawyers in Thane and Mumbai have high experience in solving cheque bounce cases and they are always ready to assist and guide you to collect all the required documents.
● The lawyers from Karmarkar & Associates follow a result-oriented approach. For best results, they will help you in all the possible ways to collect evidence.
● High fees are the major concern among clients but we charge a very affordable and reasonable fee that matches your budget and you can get a 100% free consultation charge.
● We have a dedicated and expert team that is always ready to help our clients at any time.
● Our lawyers are trustworthy and honest and also very fine in corporate services.
Above all, an expert cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai is a past master on the laws related to cheque bouncing and can, therefore, help both an aggrieved person as well as an accused to nullify crucial errors that may result in causing legal and/ or financial trauma, which would ultimately be ratified by future legal proceedings only. Therefore, hiring an expert cheque bounce lawyer in Thane and Mumbai can ensure that the needs and interests of the accused/ complaint are protected as per the law.
Domestic violence Lawyers in Borivali and Mumbai
If you are searching for a professional and experienced Domestic violence Lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai then your searches will surely end here. Karmarkar & Associates is occupied with experienced and intelligent lawyers who are specialized in different civil and criminal laws, i.e. matrimonial or divorce-related custody, property, maintenance/ alimony, domestic violence, and many others in the category. People who suffer domestic violence, things can get ugly for them and the wiser thing to do is to file a case against the abuser. Victims especially women just sit there, hands-on hands, wondering what just happened and stressing on how to deal with the situation. This creates a worse impact on the lives of the victims and their careers of course. It's better to hire a professional Domestic violence lawyer in Mumbai rather than spoiling your life, professionally and personally.
What is the role of the Domestic Violence Lawyer in Mumbai?
The High Court of Mumbai is the highest legal authority in the State of Maharashtra. Karmarkar & Associates provides top-level legal advice and solutions for every matter falling under the jurisdiction of the High Court of Mumbai, with a special focus on domestic violence matters. Domestic Violence Lawyers in Borivali and Mumbai undertake complete drafting, filing, and other compliances as per the required processes & procedures of the High Court as well as the District Court.
● File a lawsuit on behalf of the victim.
● A domestic violence lawyer can protect the victim from the accuser.
● Obtain a legal order to prevent contact between the perpetrator and the victim.
● Can help the victims in finding a safe place to live.
● Assist the victims to get the protective orders lifted.
● Promptly begin to collect evidence to fight the allegations.
● Search for witnesses who will provide the testimony to the courtroom.
● A domestic violence lawyer represents the victim in court.
● Question your accuser and identify fault or blunder in their testimony.
● They have to develop the right legal strategy.
● Also, help and guide the victim in filing for divorce if the victim asks for it.
● Domestic violence lawyer can aid the client especially women to attain child custody.
Advantages of hiring a Domestic Violence lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates.
You cannot deal with the law on your own especially when it is a domestic violence case because it is a very delicate and complicated matter. Lawyers spend their entire career learning the laws and the intricacies of the jurisdictional system. Therefore it is always a wise decision to choose a correct legal firm like Karmarkar & Associates which can prove beneficial to you as given below.
It is Affordable
Whether you’re going through physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or any other type of domestic violence you have to face the judge in court. If you hire the Domestic Violence lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates you need not worry about the fees as our rates are quite affordable. Besides, our lawyer’s knowledge of the law gives them a leg up on negotiations which they use to get you a better deal than you would on your own.
Highly Experienced Team
Our team of highly qualified and well-experienced Domestic violence lawyers in Borivali and Mumbai, has acted in many complex, high-profile cases in Mumbai in the areas of matrimonial or divorce-related custody, property, maintenance/ alimony, domestic violence, crimes, etc.
Correctly Filing Paperwork
Many people do not understand the importance of filing court documents properly. If paperwork is done incorrectly or a deadline is missed, it can have awful consequences for your case. When you hire a domestic violence lawyer from Borivali and Mumbai, he or she will make sure that everything gets done on time and in the way that best represents your interests.
Best Interests in Mind
Lawyers from Karmarkar & Associates put your interests on priority, ahead of all others, even ahead of their interests. Domestic violence cases can get very complicated, with many factors to consider, so having a lawyer in your favor who is putting your interests first is always a good idea. The domestic violence lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai will guide you through all the risks and benefits.
Getting Sound Advice
Before you make big legal decisions, it’s important to have a lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates because they guide you on how to achieve the best possible resolution. They inform you of possible legal outcomes of your decisions and help prevent unnecessary delays, wrong moves, and stressful situations beforehand.
How can Karmarkar & Associates help you out with domestic violence cases?
1.Analyzes the severity of domestic violence
Every domestic violence comes with tragic consequences. It harms the mental peace of the family members. If it’s a spouse who is causing the violence, then the lawyer sends a legal notice declaring that his/her actions have been causing trouble and needs to be under control. If the opposite party wants, he / she can also hire a separate family lawyer to go ahead with the proceedings.
The domestic violence lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai assesses the seriousness of domestic abuse or violence by considering the following factors:
1. To check the environment at home whether stressful or completely unrest.
2. To verify that the abuser or opponent has checked his / her acts after the initial legal notice.
3. How much is the victim affected by the violence.
4. In what way is the victim physically beaten or harassed.
These are some of the ways the lawyer from Karmarkar & Associates assesses the case to ensure that his client is safe from domestic violence.
2. Deciding on the restraining order
When a domestic violence case goes beyond the limit, the domestic violence lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai issues a restraining order. The order suggests the accused stay within a specific distance from the victim. Sometimes, the court advises the accused to stay in a separate space to avoid hassles.
3. Decide if any therapy is required
At times, people who create domestic violence are mentally retarded! They could be drunkards, drug addicts, or have any mental issues that need to get treated at the earliest. Based on the trials and investigations, the domestic violence lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai can suggest rehabilitation or any other therapies that suit the situation at hand.
These are a few ways in which the domestic violence lawyer in Borivali and Mumbai helps in a domestic violence case. Family members need to be completely transparent and honest about domestic violence cases and should not hide anything from the lawyer. It will help the lawyer to solve the case at the earliest.

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