Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Borivali

Cheque Means to transfer money to another person. It is very easy to transfer money it is used all over the world. If you receive a cheque from a debtor but the cheque will dishonor bounce if someone issues the notice against you bouncing the cheque or if you have given an Instruments Act (NIA) complaint against you. So you must hire a Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Borivali.

Reason for Hire Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Borivali, Mumbai.

1.Signature: The cheque will bounce if the signature does not match and it is different from the actual signature. If you are missing something from the cheque leaf, you need to hire a lawyer.

Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Borivali

2. Deficient balance:If the drawer has signed larger amounts on the cheque than what is at present in the account but the cheque bounce because of insufficient funds in the drawer account.

3. Amounts: If you are writing the amount in numbers but while writing you have some spelling mistakes the cheque will bounce.

4. Account number: The cheque will bounce if the bank account number is not eligible or some number is missing from the checkbook or may be blurred.

5. Name: If the drawer's account payee name is not the same as the checkbook or payer bank account the cheque will be bounced.

6. Overwritten: If you are done overwriting on the cheque. It will bounce automatically.

7. Alteration: The cheque is bounced if some alterations or modifications on the cheque leaf are made without the drawer's consent.

Some of the benefits of hiring a cheque bounce lawyer are:

1.A cheque bounce lawyer can assist you in recovering the amount plus interest by pursuing legal action under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act.

2. A cheque bounce lawyer can help you in sending a legal notice to the issuer of the cheque within 30 days of the receipt of the memo from the bank.

3. A cheque bounce lawyer can help you in filing a complaint in the court within one month of the expiry of 15 days from the date of sending the legal notice.

4. A cheque bounce lawyer can help you in defending yourself in case you are falsely accused of cheque bouncing by presenting evidence and arguments in your favour.

5. A cheque bounce lawyer can help you in getting the payment due from the issuer of the cheque and also ensure that justice is served.

Hiring a Cheque Bounce Lawyer in Borivali is the smart choice as they will protect you from incurring huge liability by efficiently managing your cheque bounce case charges in the court of law. Cheque bounces and dishonor of cheques are classified as criminal offenses in India and should be taken seriously. Contact us for more details.

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